Why you should be glad to have a curious copywriter

I worked in human rights for a number of years. In that time, I learned to listen, and I mean really listen, to people before drawing up an appropriate response to what I heard. Web copywriting is a bit like that. To get the best results for your website, you need a curious copywriter– someone who will ask in-depth questions and really get under the skin of your business (and your customers’ business too!), in order to understand it and then craft the copy you need to make your web business a success.Without a curious copywriter, there’s a big chance that your web business simply won’t make it online. So, here, in no particular order, are the things that curious copywriters do that can really help your business stand out online and get the conversions you want.

Curious copywriters will take the time to grasp what your business is really about – and then craft the copy that will sell

Curious copywriters start off being curious. They ask questions such as, ‘What does your business do?’, then they up the stakes with positively nosy questions like ‘What are your values?’ ‘How do you see your business in a year, two years, three years?’ ‘What is your market share?’ ‘What is so special about your product?’ And this is just the beginning.

Once they have the answers to these questions, they ask the number one critical question: ‘What do you want your web business to achieve?’

Without these curious questions, they wouldn’t understand your business or be able to craft the content you need to reach your target customers.

Curious copywriters are interested in your customers, because they write for them

You’re in business to sell to customers, so your web copy should reflect that. Too often, I get calls from potential clients. They’ve got a website and they want us to write the copy for it. And, by the way, the website is launching in a week. The web copy is not seen as a vital part of their web business. It’s something to slap on the website so they can tick the checklist, rather than the primary tool that will create the connection between potential customers and their products, and drive their visitor–customer conversions.

Curious copywriters will ask you nosy questions about your customers. They want to know who they are, what they do and the problems they have, so that they can position your product as the solution to these problems.

Curious copywriters are also interested in the customers’ journey on your website, and their top tasks while they’re there. That’s why they’ll ask you for your website stats. As ‘web psychologists’, the more they understand about your customers’ web behaviour, the better they can plan and create the content for a better customer journey that will help your web business get the results it needs.

Curious copywriters value your staff

And that is not all that curious copywriters do. Because they really want to know your business and the customers that you serve, they’ll also speak to key members of your staff (like your sales and customer service teams), to find out your biggest customer gripes and requests. Curious copywriters will even go as far as asking the sales and customer services teams their wish list, based on their everyday interaction with customers (what is the one thing that would make their and the customers’ lives easier that the company isn’t currently doing?).

Curious copywriters ask this question because they know from experience that sales and customer service teams are in the frontline of a business, so any information they can give to improve the customer experience on a business website is invaluable.

Curious copywriters care about the longevity of your web business

Curious copywriters know that consistency is the key to a successful web business. That’s why they’ll offer a number of solutions (e.g. blogging, content marketingSEO copywritingemail newsletters) to keep your web business in top form, drive traffic to the website and keep its rankings in search engine results.

We’re proud to say that we’re a curious copywriting company. But, that’s because we care and we want your web business to succeed. Can the same be said of your copywriter?

Abidemi Sanusi is the curious lead writer and founder of Ready Writer